Mealtimes at Kinderbear

Kinderbear in Padiham provides a safe, comfortable and fun environment for children below 5 years. From offering healthy nursery meals to organising fun games, we'll take care of every little detail to ensure your child has a great time with us.

At Kinderbear, we provide healthy nursery meals to ensure adequate nutrition for your child. Contact our day nursery in Padiham today.
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Kinderbear nursery have a 5 star environmental health rating

All food is prepared in our nursery kitchen by our own professional cooks. They work to a carefully constructed menu based on government healthy eating guidelines which ensures that over the day children get at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables. The children form habits of eating unprocessed fruit and vegetables everyday by having snack foods like carrot sticks with dips or washed and cut up fruit such as apples with skins still on. We ensure the menu is nutritionally appropriate for very small children so there is no added salt and as per government guidelines for very young children we include healthy amounts of protein and use full fat milk and butter. For special diets we ensure substitutes are also highly nutritious and we have a mixture of meat fish and vegetarian dishes on our menu every week.


We buy all our food from reliable national supermarket chains